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Oneup Dropper V3 180 210 or 240 travel 31.6mm od

Oneup Dropper V3 180 210 or 240 travel 31.6mm od

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V3 of the best dropper seat post in the market has just…dropped.

Upgraded in every way; lighter, more drop for each size and even more reliability than the previous best-in-class OneUp V2 post. Still cable operated, home serviceable and with 10 or 20 mm of drop adjustment.

This is the lightest infinitely adjustable seat post on the market, and it's still covered with a 2-year manufacturers warranty.

Posts are supplied without a remote lever. 


The new fully-sealed nitrogen charged cartridge doesn't require a Schrader valve, a potential source of leaks. Nitrogen is also less likely to leak than air. The new cartridge requires 75% less lever pressure to activate than the V2 post.

Increased bush overlap, with an extra bushing on the 180, 210 and 240 post, helps reduce friction and wear. Self lubricating IGUS bushes are used.

A new collar with a custom SKF seal (available soon as an upgrade for the V2 dropper) also reduces friction and keeps the post running sweet.

Twice as many anti-rotation pins and additional oversized polymer anti-rotation pins add even more reliability.

Overall length is up to 10 mm shorter and the stack height is 3 mm lower. If you've just been on the edge of going up a dropper size, this might make all the difference!

Each size is 60-70g lighter than the OneUp V2 Dropper Post.

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